As a photography club, we protect our members images. These images are copyrighted to the photographer listed. If you would like to use an image, please contact the club and we will put you in touch with the photographer.

February 2020

Post Processing - Digital

February 2020

Our February 2020 competition was a digital competition focusing on post processing. Post processing is the process of editing a photographer goes through after taken a picture before it is ready to be published and/or printed. During our post processing competition, club members are provided with two images to choose from and the entire club works with one of these images to create any resulting image they would like.

During February these two images were provided and are copyrighted to Dan Lenardon and Joe Webster with permission for club members to use for the 2020 February competition only.

The following four images won ribbons.

You can click on any of the images to enlarge them.

1st Place (tie)

Joshua Tree by Connie Barnett

1st Place (tie)

Joshua Tree by Darren Livingston

2nd Place

Old Barn by Donna Holt

3rd Place

Old Barn by David Brez